History of the Wedding Dress (Pre-1900s)

Who was the first bride to wear a white wedding dress? The iconic wedding dress has been moved and shaped throughout the years in more ways than we can imagine. Check out some of these defining moments in history that has shaped today’s bridal styles.


Traditional Egyptian, Greek, Roman & African Wedding Dresses


Marriages first became a legal bond in ancient Egypt. In Egypt, a bride would wear a pink or blue tunic wedding dress made of linen to keep cool for her engagement party the day before the wedding, and then she would wear floor length canvas fabric made out of linen or cotton with gold embroidery as her wedding dress! Roman brides wore long draped white wedding dresses tied in a special knot at the waist. Brides from ancient Greece also wore similar draped white wedding dresses because it was the symbol of fertility.



   African "Buba" dress


In Africa, south of Egypt, brides wore kente cloth, beads in red, gold, purple and emerald green, and white cowry shells. If they were Muslim or Christian, they would wear white. African brides wore a “buba”, which was a blouse, and an “iro,” which was a long wrap skirt. African brides wore traditional wedding dresses for their reception and western wedding dresses for their wedding.


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